Friday, July 18, 2008

CTU and CS 855: 1st Day of the Summer 08 Residency

Yesterday's explorations in futuring and innovation led to some interesting discussions concerning facts, truth, perceptions and general semantics. We discussed Alfred Korzybski's work in general semantics and observed that the meaning in words resides in the people who wield them. In addition, our perception of the world is influenced by our use of language to discuss it.

While this is not a philosophy or semantics class, understanding culture and how a society is influenced by language affects our ability to forecast, communicate these predictions and to achieve an uncertain future.

We examined facts and asked the question How do we know that Trinidad exists? When we make observations about facts and sociological, cultural, political or technological conditions, does our use of language affect our perception of reality?

As we explore technological innovations and predictions, we examine how futurologists predict them, how the public understands them and how scientists, engineers and economists strive to achieve them.