Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Great beginnings!

The first week of class is off to a great start and the blog posts and comments have begun! If you are just getting started, do not panic! We will briefly cover tips on communicating using blogs and the blogoquences that need to be addressed to ensure a safe and enjoyable class.

Remember that our blogs are in character, and while we are students in CS 855, we are also fictional members of a Research and Development division within our company. Noting the class activity is important for guests to know that our ponderings are exercises in critical thinking and dreaming the future.

Feel welcome to post a disclaimer at the bottom of each post, noting it as a class activity, especially if you are hypothesizing content that is not true today and have not hidden your identity. You are not required to use your name and are welcome to use an alias.

Second Life
We will use a lab during the residency to initiate our Second Life activities. Please create your accounts (avatar first and last name) and passwords prior to the residency. You do not need to use the software prior to our first session. We will break into groups to accommodate everyone's familiarity level and needs. *smiles*

See you at the residency!

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