Sunday, July 06, 2008

Welcome to CS 855 Futuring and Innovation!

In Futuring and Innovation, we will explore how forecasters predict, plan and strategize to facilitate the creation of innovative products and services.

Even as our eyes gaze ten years into the future, we will use today's Web 2.0 technologies to document and discuss our explorations and the socio-technical plan.

For now, visit Ted Talks and find a video that inspires you. Write a brief analysis of it and post it on your CS 855 blog. Throughout the course, you will continue to blog your activities and discoveries.

See you at next week's Residency! *smiles and waves*


Dave said...

Which thread should our TED posting go to?

Nigel said...

Did you notice that the letters 't,'e','d' are contained in the correct order in the word "thread"?
Obviously I am off my meds :)

Jason said...

Good to see that your OCD is still going strong Nigel.

DrC said...

Dave, your post is on your blog, where it belongs, and you do not need to post it on the IAS website. *smiles*

My goal is to wean us from it, using the IAS site as a Q&A site and for out of character class discussions. Your blog is in context, and your posts represent your ideas as a leading member of our Research and Development division.

Nigel, lateral thinkers unite in this class! *laughs*

Regarding interface issues: I'll try to find a text color other than white, but I'm in love with my black background. It may be hard to wean me, unless I find a delightful dark teal substitute. *grins*

Jason, OCD is not a disorder, it is a way of life. *chuckles*

Your blog can serve your social and CS 855 professional purposes just fine. *grins* I'll read between the lines and look for the titles that match our activities.

*smiles and waves*