Monday, August 04, 2008

Futuring and Innovation: Myths, Metanomics and Social Media

While preparing for this week's Second Life class sessions, I flagged a few topics worthy of further discussion. Don't forget to check out Howard Rheingold's video at

The Myths of Innovation

Futuring for visual/spatial learners

Futuring and innovation in a virtual world
Metanomics in Second Life

Futuring and innovation - cancer research towards 2015

Futuring and innovation for non-profits - social media


Dave said...

Building upon the myths of innovation:

The basic premiss is that innovations come in small increments not in an epiphany. So real innovators keep working hard on tough problems and eventually are rewarded by an occasional ah-ha moment.

DrC said...

Very true, Dave! The journey includes creative efforts and a variety of forces that affect the progress of innovation, such as technological, political, social and economic.

We may further distinguish innovation from creativity by considering the stages of success, such as early adoption, widespread success and how it may lead to the creative destruction of the technologies that were replaced.