Monday, August 04, 2008

Second Life Getting Started Guide

Use this guide to learn to Move, Look Around, Use Objects, Teleport or Change your Appearance.

Moving Your Avatar - Navigation
  • Move your avatar by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Up = forward, Down = back, Left = turn left, Right = turn right
Looking Around - Camera Controls
  • Lock your camera on an object by holding the Alt button and left clicking it. (Mac users: Option key + Mouse click).
  • Hold down the Ctrl + Alt + left mouse button (all 3 together) and move your hand slowly to the left, right, forward or back. While you hold all 3 down, your camera moves around the object.
  • Return your camera to your avatar - press the Escape key twice.
Interacting with Objects
  • Touch or left click an object to use it. Not all objects are usable.
  • Right click and select the Sit option in the pie menu - Sit is located at the 10:00 location on a clock).
Tip: Sometimes the name of the Sit option is redefined by a script to another name, such as Relax, Pose or Up. "Sit" means "attach the avatar to an object and use it."
  • To Stand: right click the object and select Stand or use the Stand button in the bottom center of your display.
Teleport - Navigation between Regions or Sims

You can teleport using the Map button, a landmark, a teleport request from a friend, or by clicking a slurl (SL url web address). Second Life is a grid of 3D graphical websites that your avatar can visit.
  • Map: click the Map button at the bottom of your display. On the map menu: enter the name of the region (sim or island) that you wish to visit and click the button to the right to load it. Use the Teleport button in the menu or double click on the map to move to that location.
  • Landmark: click your Inventory button and open the MyInventory and Landmarks folders. Double click the landmark to teleport to that location.
Want a friend to join you? - Teleport a Friend
  • Click your communicate button in the lower right corner, the Contacts tab and the Friends tab. If online, highlight your friend's name and select Teleport on the right or Profile, then Teleport.
Appearance - Change Clothes via the Inventory Menu

Your clothes, body shape, skin, hair and eyes are in your Inventory under several folders. At first, you are wearing a new avatar look in your Clothing folder.

To change your look or clothing, you can wear it or add new pieces to your outfit.
  • Right click clothing, hair, skin, shape or eyes and select Wear.
  • Right click a folder name that has wearable items in it and select ADD TO OUTFIT.
Tip: You could Remove clothing or Replace clothing, but both of these options bare your avatar, then add only the new items, leaving the body parts that are missing from this folder bare.

Tip: To reduce the likelihood of being without clothing or hair, use ADD TO Outfit to replace only the items that are in the folder. You can manually remove any excess items.

Appearance - Customize Your Avatar - the Appearance Menu
  • From the Edit menu on the menubar, select Appearance -or -
  • Right click your avatar and select Appearance
In the Appearance Menu, you can make a new look, create new items of clothing, customize the color and texture of clothing, change your shape, skin, hair and eyes. The new items you are create are storied in either the Body folder or the Clothing folder of your Inventory.

Tip: Create a folder for your normal look.
  1. Make a new Inventory folder - right click on a folder and select New Folder.
  2. Rename it and move your inventory items into that folder or copy/paste them.
  3. To restore your normal look, right click the folder and use ADD TO OUTFIT.
Tip: Purchased items are often no modify.
  • Look for items that allow you to modify them.
  • Make a copy of our item before customizing your look so you have an unaltered original.


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DrC said...

Very true! The Second Life online support, Getting Started Guide and video tutorials are great.

Users do not always look at them, however, so I added these quick tips to improve student productivity. *grins*

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