Saturday, September 13, 2008

CS 855 Assessment Checklist

Thank you for working so hard on your blog assignments, Second Life activities and projects! To reduce the need for rework, please check your CS 855 activities using the following requirements checklist:

Five Web 2.0 Tools:
  1. Blog - done!
  2. Web 2.0 Tool
  3. Web 2.0 Tool
  4. Podcast
  5. Web 2.0 Tool or Second Life activity
Includes a name and description of the tool, a url for it, and an illustration or example of its use. The blog activity is already complete and needs no additional work. If your example is in text and not visual, note it to ensure that it receives credit.

Your analysis of a:
  1. Failed Prediction
  2. Successful Prediction
Includes a description of the prediction, a url for it, an illustration, model or example of it. In some cases, the posts do not state failure or success, making assessment difficult.

Your Innovation Prediction:
  • Description and analysis - 1 or more blog posts
  • Discussion of risk
  • 2-3 models that depict it and analyze risk
  • Examination of the technological, social, cultural, political, financial, ethical and legal issues
  • 2-3 citations (your choice of format)
Final Project:
Gather all of your blog posts, the analysis of each prediction and your innovation posts into a Final Project document (.doc or .pdf format). Include any information that helps it to connect and flow well, demonstrating your research this term. Include your illustrations and models. You do not need to include your podcast, but do add a url for it. See the rubrics posted in the News forum.

Post your final project in the Week 11 forum on the IAS website. The file size limitation is 24MB in the Week 11 forum.

Feel welcome to edit your original post and add information or an image as needed. Note the source of your information if it is not original content. Tip: it is easier to upload .jpgs to Blogger than to point to a Flickr photo until permission is given using Blogger's Help instructions.

Writing feedback is time consuming. Make it easy to evaluate your work by using good labels and checking each assignment. Send me an email message if you are still working on an activity.

Tuesday night's classes at 6PM Mountain and 8PM Mountain will cover prototyping in Second Life. These are working sessions and do not include lecture material on Futuring and Innovation.

Have a great week! *waves*

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