Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Touring Second Life Guide

Want to know how to tour Second Life, use a heads up display device and return to your current location?

Create a landmark - save your current location for returning later.
  • Under the World menu on the menubar, select Create a Landmark. Close the landmark that appears. It is filed in the Landmarks folder in your inventory.
Using the Tour Notecard
  • To teleport to a new location, you can open the tour notecard in your Notecards folder and click on a landmark (has a push pin symbol) to open it.
  • Select teleport to visit it.
Don't have a Touring Second Life kit? Send a message in SL to Lyr Lobo to request it.

Boracay Hitchhiker's Guide to Second Life

Concept by Roger Thunders, Editorial Team: Bibi Book and Sun Hainsworth
License: Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike
Distributed by Nick Noakes (Corwin Carillon in SL)
  • Click the Hitchhiker's device to copy it to your inventory from your Lyr Lobo's Touring in Second Life notecard. Skip this step if you already have a copy.
When you have the Boracay Hitchhiker's Guide to SL in your inventory:
  • In your objects folder, right click and wear the Boracay Hitchhiker's Guide to SL.
  • A Heads-up Display (HUD) device appears on your display and a Travel HUD requests permission to act on your control inputs in the upper right corner of your display.
  • Select the Accept button in the upper left corner of your display.
See an example of the HUD in the following image:

Using the Boracay Hitchhiker's Guide to Second Life

Menu and Help:
  • On the HUD, click the upper left green button of your HUD for a Help notecard or the upper right button to see a menu of options.
The tour categories include Art, Museums, Learning, Exploring, Shopping, SLeducator and Newbies. Select a tour category and wait a moment for it to load.
  • Use the arrow keys to cycle through a series of locations and click on the image to teleport to that location.
  • Select the green circle to minimize the HUD and the red circle to maximize it.
Questions? Contact Lyr Lobo in Second Life. Have fun touring!

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