Thursday, October 23, 2008

CS 820 Residency Makeup Sessions

Many thanks to those who attended our Residency Makeup sessions last night. The Adobe Acrobat Connect session was recorded and offered examples of how to complete the activities. Visit the link posted in our News Forum under A Chipmunk's access this 58-minute recording.

The Second Life session included the same concepts, but instead of looking at the documents, it offered more interaction and discussion.

We reviewed:
  • Interface metaphors - users understand the interface as it models real world tasks
  • User profiles - identifying user classes
  • Use case scenarios - preconditions, actors, main scenario, alternate scenario and postconditions
  • Usability specification - identifying usability attributes and setting a range of goals
  • Usability tests - empirical testing using 3D interface prototypes in Second Life
Next week, we will meet in Second Life at 7:00 PM Mountain to discuss project ideas and how to get the most out of Second Life as we weave the course concepts into our 3D modeling activities.

Future classes will weave our project topics and choice of usability criteria into each incremental deliverable. Adobe Acrobat Connect (Breeze) sessions will be scheduled upon request.

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