Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Innovation Week in Second Life

Visit Orange Island to see a schedule of events for their presentation of Innovation Week in Second Life! I was fortunate to attend Monday's fun presentation by the bantering duo Gwynneth Llewellyn and Jade Lily as they looked Back to the Future.

Monday also featured a special Metanomics panel discussion stimulated by the recent interview with Philip Rosedale, Founder of Second Life.

After the Metanomics session, Malburns Writer led a fun tour of innovations and quizzed participants using an audience participation Human Barometer exercise. In response to his questions about innovative products and technologies, the guests stood on signs to Agree, Disagree or be Unsure.

My favorite was the demonstration of Second Life on a Samsung cell phone using gesture-based recognition that reminded me of using the Wii. To look down at the ground in Second Life, the user tilts the cell phone to pan the camera down.

The Sims 2 representation of the future of eCommerce with avatars examining real life products appealed to me, too. While a few items, like shoes, benefit from trying them on before buying, a virtual shopping mall for real life goods is appealing for interacting with products and browsing for gift ideas.

Would I buy from a virtual shopping mall? If the products are interactive, well-organized and delivered within two days, you bet!

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