Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NMC Rock the Academy Fall Symposium

If you missed out on the NMC's Rock the Academy Fall Symposium, check out the latest tools, techniques and strategies at the NMC website. The conference program includes chat transcripts and content from the sessions.

Here is the new Tardis by the NMC, where visitors can enter and be swept away as they navigate to other NMC research sites in Second Life.

For you Dr. Who fans, the room is much larger inside the Tardis (depicted on the right). A large wall map on the wall opposite the door shows the growing archipelago of the NMC's education grid.

Our imaginations were stimulated by novel techniques and tools, including Voice Threads, Open Access courses and Gardner Campbell's session on using the BBC and new media, as well as the later sessions on using wikis and YouTube effectively. Some of the presentations were larger than life (pictured on the right).

My Back to the Backchannel presentation (available on Slideshare) included how to weave cell phone podcasts and back channel microblogging tools, like Twitter, into our course designs.

Beth's wonderful Open Access strategies are seen flowing around the edges of my exhibit booth at the NMC. If you get a chance, check out the Literature Alive! booth with its wonderful Pete the spider.

The program ended with a fun demonstration of survivalist performance art. The scene was set by glasses that when worn, allowed the attendees to see zombies lurch after the crowd. Fortunately, the presenters came prepared to thwart the threat and to demonstrate their point in a most picturesque manner.

Want to know more about it? Visit the NMC Rock the Academy content and the NMC!

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