Saturday, November 01, 2008

CS 820 Class 2 - Moodle Analysis and Camera Control

Wednesday's CS 820 class in Second Life was great fun as we shared our research and writing topics, discussed the analysis of Moodle and learned to use Second Life.

If you have issues running Second Life smoothly after touring in it, your cache may be congested. Use the ctrl key + p to access the preferences (under the Edit menu), select the Network tab and the Clear Cache button. Quit Second Life and restart the software. It will take a minute to clear the cache.

Initial Recommendations from the Moodle Analysis:
  • Need for consistency
  • Location of assignments and handouts
  • Integrate with campus email
  • Embed a link to Outlook access for MyCampus
  • Schedule sensitivity for full-time working students
Second Life Camera Control:
  • Lock your camera on an object or avatar with the Alt key + left click
  • To circle around the object or avatar, use the View menu, Camera Controls and the left-hand wheel - can also do it by holding down the ctrl key + alt key + left mouse button and moving the hand slowly.
Building Content in Second Life: First Activity
  • Click the Build button
  • Select a shape (we used spheres)
  • While in edit mode, hold the shift key and drag an arrow to copy the sphere
  • Stretch the sphere by selecting the Stretch radio menu in the top left corner
  • Drag on one of the white, green, red or blue boxes. White is proportional; Green, red and blue stretch in a single direction (x,y, or z - left-right, forward-back, up-down)
Student Project Ideas:
  • SCIP - Security Check-in Point
  • Digital Dashboard
  • Moodle
Next Wednesday at 7:00 PM Mountain time, we will discuss how to leverage our interface metaphors in the low fidelity prototypes, learn a few more Second Life building skills, and discuss the next assignment. See you online!

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