Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday at the VWBPE 2009 Conference

Carolyn Carillon asked if I was liveblogging the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference (VWBPE) in Second Life this weekend. Ack, I must confess. I've been participating, listening and jotting down dozens of ideas for future research.

*chuckles* I'm having a blast at this conference, sharing insights and gaining so many new strategies from a wealth of educators and new friends.

Classroom on Demand?

Earlier, the session on using the Builder's Buddy to create learning spaces that render a temporary learning scene was a fun, productive session. Yes, I've used the tool before, but enjoyed seeing how Bonbon, Alpha and Cvetka made it easy for educators to use it to create two projects in 40 minutes.

The educators' group session with Maggie Marat (Peggy Sheehy), Pathfinder Linden, Claudia Linden, George Linden, Stella Costello, Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks, Carl Metropolitan and Saxet Uralia was excellent. I must confess; I don't always enjoy panel discussions, especially when the topic wanders or is too general to be useful.

In their session, they posted web links for getting more information (that's liquid gold during a conference!) and important tips. For the folks who cannot join one more group (25 is the maximum), but want to know about group events and activities.

is now free for groups under 500 users. See the post from September 2008 for more information.

The Immediacy of Online Communications - Instant Feedback

Ted William Gross (RL), also known as Kitviel Silberberg in Second Life, is discussing the history of online communications.

Oddly enough, the more immersed we become in online tools, the less time we have for responding to the hundreds of messages we receive each day.

Twitter is not a favorite of the speaker's, yet I find it useful for lurking at the back of a real life conference session, listening to others offer insights to the speaker's research and cool tools. That insider view of the researcher's work offers an intimacy with the conference audience and I miss it when access to Twitter is unavailable.

I know what you are thinking. Second Life has it all built within it. Twitter offers a favorites feature that allows me to remember people and their links in the context of time and what we were doing when they posted it. This is very useful, but again, I not use my Twitter account mostly for research collaborations and sharing the state of the research from my small end of the world.

Loved the audience discussion during this session. Silent sessions set to a presenter's monologue makes me restless. All this discussion and controversy is exciting and makes us think. What a wonderful meeting of minds!

Thanks for a great day of sessions! More to come. Visit the VWBPE schedule for more information on the remaining events for Saturday and Sunday.

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