Saturday, March 28, 2009 Conference 2009

Friday at the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference was excellent. I must confess to some cognitive overload due to attending Pathfinder Linden's keynote at the VWBPE and the New Media Consortium's TCC Worldwide Online Conference special event on their Horizon Report 2009. *eyes spin in her head*

Both sessions were excellent and no one noticed a momentary delay in my responses in the various chat logs. *grins* Yes, the storytelling, creativity and Vogon poetry sessions were fantastic, too. In fact, I may have to weave some comic books into my future lessons. Won't that be fun? *laughs*

Throughout the day, I found myself racing to gather the chat logs, links, take photos, click on content givers, and study the presenter's content to digest it all. The remaining sessions, such as Dr. David Gibson's session on game assessment, kept me so busy that I am still digesting the content.

Some ask what attendees get out of an online conference. Aside from attending vicariously in your jammies, you can share ideas, collect information, photos, notes, research for additional content on the web, meet old friends, make new friends and twitter about the session to your colleagues.

Not a Twit?

You don't use Twitter? I did not for the longest time until I saw the value in it at an NMC conference session two years ago. While listening to unfamiliar content in the presenter's research, I surreptitiously glanced at my neighbor's twitter and was fascinated with the purposeful, condensed content.

He posted several links and some insider information about the presenter's research that made me feel as if I had assumed a spirit form and stepped into the lab to witness it firsthand.

Want to know more? Visit the sessions and papers that are being published in the Journal of Virtual Studies after the conference. Many thanks to the organizers of the VWBPE 2009 and their commitment to great educational experiences in virtual worlds.

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