Friday, April 17, 2009

TCC 2009 Worldwide Online Conference presentations

Greetings! The TCC 2009 Worldwide Online Conference is a great opportunity to explore the content and share ideas with over 1300 educators in 90+ international presentations and keynote addresses on education, technology and tools.

While the live conference sessions have ended, each Eluminate session was recorded and remains in the archives. In this post are images from the Second Life sessions that were either held synchronously in Eluminate or only held in Second Life, including Melita Farley's Using Blended Learning to Increase Skills in the Workplace (video recording) and Media Rich Intake Environments for Learning in Virtual Worlds by Annie Jeffrey, Scott Grant and Emily East, held solely in Second Life.

Both of these sessions featured gardens and elegant learning spaces that are designed to relax the mind and invigorate the spirit. The Media Rich session also included tours of a Music Garden and a Chinese College.

It is not too late to enjoy the sessions and discuss the topics with educators, instructional designers and administrators from around the world. Join the TCC conference 'OHANA (a Hawaiian word for family) and participate in future TCC conferences.

On April 2, Nick Noakes, Jeff Hiles and I hosted a TCC pre-conference session in Second Life. The slides from that session are embedded on this blog and available at Lyr Lobo's Slideshare under the title Poised at the Edge of the Unknown: Surviving and Thriving in Second Life.

To my great delight, my Tuesday, April 14, 2009 presentation on Digital Learning Environments Context Sensitive and Imaginative Classes in Second Life was full of new SL users. The slides are available under Lyr Lobo's Slideshare and I'll add content from this session in a later update to this post. Racing to get to a meeting. *laughs*

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