Monday, July 06, 2009

Freedom Writers' Diaries - Erin Gruwell at ISTE NECC 09

Erin Gruwell shared her inspiring story and the stories from her students as they learned a love of literature and to develop their voices. She showed several video clips that were heartbreaking in their honesty and empowerment.

We left NECC 09 energized and ready to develop the stories of our students. Her work with the 150 teachers across the country on the use of technology reminded me that despite our level of technological sophistication, we all have hurdles and challenges to overcome.

If they can do it, we can do it! *cheers*

I had a grand time working at the Second Life Playground and want to thank Lisa Linn, Scott Merrick, Susan Toth-Cohen, Peggy Sheehy, Bernajean Porter, Marianne Malstrom, Lloyd, Laura Sheehy, Pamela and our wonderful Second Life educators!

See you at ISTE 2010 in Denver! *waves*


Scott said...

You're most welcome, imho, and has a mess o' pics from the Playground that illustrate the bustling collaboration that went on in that little, off-to-the-side room. Our SL "tribe" is amazing, which is why those of us who believe in it so enthusiastically support it. Thank YOU for YOUR contributions!

Lisa said...

Thank you Cyn,it was my pleasure to co-coordinate the playground for all three of its' years. Thank you for your assistance and good cheer -we do have a remarkable PLN within SL and beyond -and I honestly can't imagine my life without any of you!

Dr C said...

Thanks for the photo link and the great thoughts, Scott and Lisa! *grins* Here's an update to that link:

ISTE NECC is an amazing conference and your coordination and support during the three days at the Second Life Playground and the SL workshop sessions was excellent!

The Playgrounds give us the opportunity to interact informally and to share information with some of the finest minds on the planet.

Many thanks! *cheers* #necc09
Lyr Lobo