Saturday, July 18, 2009

Second Life Relay for Life - One World, One Hope

The Second Life Relay for Life begins July 18th, 2009 at noon, followed by the moving cancer survivor's and caregiver's lap at 1:00. This year, residents from over 20 countries are expected to participate, reminding me of my first SL relay for life in 2006.

See the schedule later in this post for more lap information. I will be unable to walk for much of the day while teaching at Colorado Technical University's doctoral symposium, so I took a few photos so I could enjoy the lovely Circle of Life fantasy gardens at RFL An Iema.

Many thanks to the wonderful Elf Circle designers who crafted a lovely setting for our celebration of life.

As you walk a lap, take a moment to stop and dance with the elves on a dance floor that floats above the water amid finely crafted bardic instruments as a dolphin that swims around you.

Every hour during the SL Relay for Life, the residents of Second Life will walk through the campsites and learn more about the strength and courage of cancer survivors and the people who love them. Many of the walks are themed and the schedule includes the following themed laps:

Saturday, July 28, 2009 (All times are Pacific/SLT)

Noon - Opening Ceremonies
1pm - Survivor/Caregiver Lap
2pm - Team Spirit Lap - Team Shirts & Banners
3pm - One World - International Outfits Lap
4pm - One Hope - Rainbos Lap - The Hope of a New Day...The Promise of Calm after the Storm. Wear all the colors of the rainbow and celebrate One HOPE
5pm - Flower Power Hour Lap - 60's outfits
6pm - Tackle It - football, rugby or any sports clothing. Let's tackle cancer together - united, we can beat this.
7pm - Western Theme Lap
8pm - Bald is Beautiful Lap (Fay, this one's for you)
9pm - Luminaria Ceremony (please no events during this time)
10pm - Magic Lap - Wizzards, Magicians, Fairies, etc.
11pm - Tacky Tourist Lap

Sunday, July 19, 2009 (All times are Pacific/SLT)

12am - Midnight Masquerade
1am - Health Matters - Maybe you are a banana, or an orange, or a carrot. Live a healthy life - we can all make a small change that improves our life.
2am - Crazy Shoes Lap
3am - Meet a New Friend Lap
4am - Silly Hats Lap
5am - Tinies, Furries, Tails & Wings
6am - Fight Back Ceremony
7am - Caring & Curing Lap - Dr., Nurse, Scientist - Working together to beat cancer
8am - Coffee Curlers, Slippers & PJ's
9am - Here Comes the Sun - Dress for a day at the beach. Always remember to protect yourself from the sun on land and sea, even on a cloudy day.
10am - Formal Wear Lap
11am - Closing Ceremonies (Teams Lap to follow)

Come enjoy the live music throughout the festival and help us fight cancer. If you are using the Map within Second Life, visit the RFL An Iema region. #slrfl09

Go Relay! *cheers* #slrfl

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