Thursday, August 20, 2009

Learning in Immersive Reality: What is Social Reality?

Today's Global Learning Forum event features Dr. Jeremy Bailenson, Founding Director of Stanford University's Virtual Human Interaction Lab, and Dr. David Jonassen, Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of Missouri. The session begins at at 5:00 PM Central, 3:00 PM Pacific time on the Huffman Prairie Chi island in Second Life.

After the Distinguished Speakers session, Dr. Andrew Stricker (Spinoza Quinnell) and Mike McCrocklin (Apollo Seagel) will provide an update on the use of virtual agents in the multiplayer game simulation on interdependent leadership. Dr. Cynthia Calongne (Lyr Lobo) will discuss the assessment of interdependent leadership and transactive memory.

At the end of the session, they will host a tour that features a dozen immersive learning design examples.

GLF registration will be available at the event location (in the newly completed GLF Event Hall located on the Second Life region called Huffman Prairie Chi. (See the image to the right for the location).

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20 Aug 2009 GLF Event Agenda:

5:00-5:10 Opening Remarks

5:10-5:30 Dr. David Jonassen, (University of Missouri) Building Blocks and Cognitive Processes for Learning to Solve Problems

5:30-6:30 Dr. Jeremy Bailenson, (Stanford University) The Use of Immersive Virtual Reality in the Learning Sciences: Digital Transformations of Teachers, Students, and Social Context

6:30-6:50 Dr. Andrew Stricker, Dr. Cynthia Calongne and Mike McCrocklin: Introduction of new overview video and description of 12 learning environment design prototypes; also, an update on the use of virtual co-player agents in the multiplayer game simulation on interdependent leadership

6:50-7:00 Break to prepare for the learning environment prototype tour. We ask tour participants to meet at the north-entrance (facing the lagoon) of the GLF Event Hall at 7:00pm CST. Dr. Andrew Stricker (Spinoza Quinnell) and Mike McCrocklin (Apollo Segal) will host the tour. Participants can also take a self-directed tour using the provided tour note card or teleport board.

About the Global Learning Forum

Global Learning Forum (GLF) members critique researching, learning, instruction, and assessment approaches that underline effective cyber-scholarship, advanced distributed learning (ADL) course design, teaching practices, and innovations made possible by educational technologies. A desired outcome of GLF is for members to help scan, focus, and act on promising cyber-scholarship innovations, including the methods and assumptions used when applying learning science theory to instructional design. GLF members collaborate to harness the power of virtual communities to innovatively transform ways to learn, instruct, and discover. Many of the innovations and research work of our GLF members can be seen at the Huffman Prairie region in the Virtual Educational Technology Support Center (VETSC) building. You can freely join the GLF within Second Life (use the search tool to find the GLF group).

The GLF event brochure and agenda was produced by Dr. Andrew Stricker and Mike McCrocklin. Many thanks to Andy and Mike for hosting this exciting event.

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