Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Second Life Class on Campfire and Genie Chair Rezzers

This week's CS 855 Rezzer 2 Class featured using and creating a rezzer with one linked object.

Each student received a folder with sample rezzers for a campfire meeting and for a genie chair rezzer and a second folder with instructions on how to make a campfire meeting rezzer.

The genie chair's instructions were designed by Vanilla Jessop and the chair depicted at the left was created by Lyr Lobo. When you move the rezzer box, the chair moves with it.

The campfire meeting object was designed by Lyr Lobo.

The class discussions included the Delphi wiki activity, comments on the student blogs, the Structured Design Process and the August's Global Learning Forum event.

How to make a campfire meeting rezzer

By Lyr Lobo, a.k.a. Dr. Cynthia Calongne
Seating animation scripts by Lyr Lobo
Builder's Buddy Scripts created by Newfie Pendragon

1. Click the Build button on the bottom of your display window.

2. Rez a box (a cube - click the first icon on the Build menu and drop your cursor to the ground). Name your box Campfire rezzer on the General tab. Check the permissions at the bottom of the General tab to Modify and Copy.

3. Click the following Campfire rezzer texture and copy it to your inventory.

(a campfire rezzer texture is visible in Second Life)

Next, you will texture your cube with the Campfire rezzer texture.

4. Select the texture tab and select the big woodgrain texture box in the center left.

5. Look for your Campfire rezzer in your Textures folder or search for the texture Campfire rezzer, highlight it and press the Select button.

6. Select the Contents tab and drag the Builder's Buddy Base Script into your Campfire Rezzer box. It is located in your folder, but if you misplace it, click this Base script to copy it to your Scripts folder.

(a script called the Builder's Buddy Base Script is visible in Second Life)

Next, we will stop working on the rezzer box and rez the campfire meeting object in step 7.

7. Drag the object called Lyr's Campfire Meeting - no script from the folder (provided in class or available from Lyr Lobo) and drop it on the ground from your How to make a campfire rezzer folder.

8. Move the campfire meeting object about 1-2 meters from the rezzer box. Use the General tab and rename your campfire meeting object, removing "no script" from the title.

9. Drag the Builder's Buddy Component Script into the campfire object's Contents tab.

(a script called the Builder's Buddy Component Script is visible in Second Life)

10. When your campfire is in the right position and elevation, stop editing your project. Click the Campfire Rezzer box that has the base script inside it and click the Record button on the menu at the upper right of your display. It records the current position of the campfire from the box.

11. Take the campfire into your inventory (right click it and Take). Edit your Campfire Rezzer box that has the base script in it.

12. Drag the campfire meeting object into the Contents tab of your box. You should see the Base script and the campfire meeting object in your box.

13. Take your box into your inventory. Nothing should remain on the ground.

To use your Campfire Rezzer:

14. Drag the Campfire Meeting Rezzer to the ground (the base box).

15. Click the box and select the Build command.

16. The campfire appears and relocates itself to your recorded position.

To remove your campfire:

17. Click the box and select the Clean button. The copy of your campfire is deleted.

Enjoy your new campfire rezzer. If you make changes to it, repeat the earlier steps and record the new location. *smiles* Be sure to put a new version of your campfire inside the control box and delete any older versions after making changes.

You could make a rezzable environment with several objects each with a component script inside it. Once it is ready, click the Record button to record the locations, take all of the objects into your inventory and drag them into your base object for use.

Lastly, if you do not change the primchannel in both the base object and every component script that is used in the project, you may find that a similar base object deletes your objects. Use different primchannels inside your script (near the top of it) to avoid communication conflicts between objects.

Have fun! *waves*

Lyr Lobo, a.k.a. Dr. Cynthia Calongne
Colorado Technical University
August 19, 2009

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