Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Constitution Day and Graduation Party

Our last Futuring and Innovation class featured a trivia game designed to celebrate Constitution Day and a party to honor our graduates.

Congratulations to our Colorado Technical University graduates! *cheers*

Friday, September 11, 2009

Game Simulation Tour in Second Life

As part of the Think Balm Innovation Community's Un-Lecture series, game design masterminds Mike McCrocklin and Dr. Andy Stricker in addition to the talented Toni Scribner and I will give a tour of their game simulation kit in Second Life for our LinkedIn Group attendees at 08:00 Pacific time today.

I created a third Animoto video to commemorate today's tour called A Game Simulation Kit in Second Life.

Speakers for the Un-Lecture Series No. 4

1. Charlie Herbek of CSC, http://tinyurl.com/n5a3r7

2. Leon Cych of Learn 4 Life, http://tinyurl.com/kqjo4e

3. Janalee Redmond of IMMERSION: tools.jam, http://www.linkedin.com/in/janred

4. Cynthia Calongne of Colorado Technical University, http://tinyurl.com/5uqgga

For more information about the game simulation at MyBase Zeta, visit my Slideshare presentation entitled Evaluating a Game Simulation Kit in Second Life. It features scenes from the game, rubrics for evaluating it, and a summary of student feedback after play testing the game in March 2009.

See you in Second Life! *waves*

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Preparing for Graduation - Second Life Style!

In our CS 855 Futuring and Innovation class, we discussed the Animoto class activity and took a field trip to the NMC Orientation island's Educator Freebie Center to check out the tools, toys and avatar content.

We used the Game Design group voice channel so we could hear everyone even while traveling around Second Life.

Animoto is a fun, easy to use tool that takes your images, sets them to music and animates them. The free account allows you to create 30-second videos out of 8-15 slides.

While animated slides set to music may be foreign to some of us, the class found the Animoto videos stimulating and interesting.

At the end of class, one student modeled the NMC's regalia, and looked fine in his graduation cap and gown. This is our class's last doctoral course and we are looking forward to graduation. *cheers*

Our next class features a discussion of the final projects and observations from Technology's Promise by Dr. William Halal.

During our Second Life skills session, we will discuss presentation styles and tips for hosting conferences and seminars in Second Life.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Global Learning Forum Event Tour

Greetings! In ten minutes, I uploaded my photos and created a 30-second Animoto video from our Global Learning Forum tour of the VR Innovation Design Studio in Second Life, held August 20, 2009, for you to enjoy. My embedded video has a 640 x 360 player size and is set to normal quality. It features music from the repository of music on Animoto's site by Patrick Lentz entitled "It's Alright."

To avoid knocking your socks off, I recommend lowering the volume if you are in a public place. *grins* The controls are on the lower right corner of the video.

These scenes include the machinima studio and learning center on Huffman Prairie region and the game simulation at MyBase Zeta in Second Life.

Many thanks to Apollo Segall and Spinoza Quinnell, the masterminds behind the Global Learning Forum, for their delightful content and support.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Animoto Video - Second Life Summer 09 Classes

Our Week 8 class focused on analyzing alternatives for a modified Delphi process and a review of how Christakis' Energy Efficiency case study employed group work in their voting process. Our virtual world content creation activity examined how to create a heads up display (HUD) device.

As a retrospective from our CS 855 Summer 2009 classes held in Second Life, I created this 30 second CS 855 Summer 2009 Animoto video. The images highlight the discussions and virtual world building sessions held on Acheron LV426.

With Animoto, you can upload your images, drag and organize them, add text, set them to music and add a title and description before finalizing your video.

Creating a Heads Up Display Device

When creating a 3D HUD, the root prim may need to be rotated. Our sample HUD, the Boracay Hitchhiker's Guide to Second Life distributed by Corwin Carillon, had a 270 degree rotation on the y axis. This HUD uses images, landmarks, scripts and a notecard for associating the images with a category on the menu.

When editing the tour HUD, use Edit Linked Parts, a command on the upper right corner of the object edit menu, below the radio menu buttons. Edit Linked Parts allows you to edit a single prim within an linked object, in this case, the images and landmarks within the Contents tab.

Social Media's Impact on a Modified Delphi Process

While some modifications to the Delphi process reduce the number of iterations while preserving anonymity between respondents, Christakis used mixed methods with face-to-face participants, small groups and dialogue during a later iteration's voting process.

Our discussion focused on whether today's collaborative tools offer opportunities for tailoring and using the Delphi method. The class noted excellent reasons for using private responses vs. open collaboration, yet remarked on how online collaboration may encourage increased participation from the contributors who are less outspoken.

See you in Second Life! *waves*