Friday, September 11, 2009

Game Simulation Tour in Second Life

As part of the Think Balm Innovation Community's Un-Lecture series, game design masterminds Mike McCrocklin and Dr. Andy Stricker in addition to the talented Toni Scribner and I will give a tour of their game simulation kit in Second Life for our LinkedIn Group attendees at 08:00 Pacific time today.

I created a third Animoto video to commemorate today's tour called A Game Simulation Kit in Second Life.

Speakers for the Un-Lecture Series No. 4

1. Charlie Herbek of CSC,

2. Leon Cych of Learn 4 Life,

3. Janalee Redmond of IMMERSION: tools.jam,

4. Cynthia Calongne of Colorado Technical University,

For more information about the game simulation at MyBase Zeta, visit my Slideshare presentation entitled Evaluating a Game Simulation Kit in Second Life. It features scenes from the game, rubrics for evaluating it, and a summary of student feedback after play testing the game in March 2009.

See you in Second Life! *waves*

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