Sunday, October 25, 2009

College Fair 2009 in Second Life

The College Fair 2009 in Second Life opened to a packed region of dedicated educators and enthusiasts.

I had a blast meeting educators new to Second Life and seeing some old friends at the Colorado Technical University exhibit booth.

On Sunday, I'm giving a presentation on Designing Games and Learning Activities at 6:15 AM Pacific time, which is also Second Life time.

And now, back to the news...

Saturday's sessions were lively as Claudia Linden opened with information about the educational opportunities, wikis, and resources available in Second Life.

In addition, she requested that educators send her updates each week of their activities in Second Life. This information will help her write additional case studies and to understand the state of virtual world education.

Her session was followed by Vic Michalak as he presented his research on Teaching International Courses in Second Life. He and Hopalong Oh, with his presentation entitled Why Second Life??? offered excellent information, tools and techniques.

Vic recommended the Universal Translator, which now supports 35+ languages, including Asian languages. Hopalong spoke about scavenger games and other stimulating activities in Second Life.

During the break before the Marcia Kloepper's Using Second Life for Agriculture, Animal and Poultry Science Instruction session, I toured the Front Range Community College's fantasy build. Their World of Warcraft image of an undead rogue wearing a pirate's hat in Booty Bay caught my attention. *grins*

I spent the next session listening to it from amid the flames from the Operation Afterlife (image on the left).

The evening ended with Krystine and Remington dropping by from a Caledon event. Krystine talked to Katie at CTU Online earlier in the day about Colorado Technical University's MBA program.

There are five speakers on Sunday with sessions running from 6:15 AM to 10:00 AM.

See you at the College Fair 2009 in Second Life!

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