Sunday, October 25, 2009

Many thanks to our intrepid new Second Life students! Between the two classes, 20 students participated in our course discussion and Second Life skills activities on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

In CS 855 Futuring and Innovation, we continued our discussion of The Fortune Sellers book by William Sherdan. The discussion centered on the differences between futuring and innovation research programs and their funding in Japan and the United States.

We also discussed the student blog posts. When you introduce your blog in our Moodle discussions, please include the url for your blog post.

In CS 820, we focused our attention on building some Second Life camera skills and building a simple shape, stretching it, texturing it, copying it and linking it with a second object.

We will prototype the projects in Second Life and conduct usability tests near the end of the course.

Our class times are the same for next week. Check the Calendar on Moodle for the latest information! *waves*

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