Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Second Life Classes

You are welcome to join us during our class sessions in Second Life. While they are optional, they enhance your learning experience and give you real-time access to ask questions and discuss the course concepts and your research.

Please scan these instructions before creating your account and you will find it easier to join us for classes in Second Life.

Creating Your Second Life Account
For tips on how to create your free account and join us for class in Second Life, Visit my TCC 2009 Getting Started in Second Life Wiki at:


Visit the NMC SL creation site (publishers of the Horizon Report) at: http://sl.nmc.org/join to create a new account.

Select a less common first name and choose a last name from the drop down list.

Don't remember your account information and can't get your old password for it? You can create a new free account for a different email address.

Accessing Second Life:
First you create an account, and then you download the SL software so you can access the 3D websites. You can log into SecondLife.com to check your account and access their tutorials, but this does not give you access to the virtual world. *smiles* You need the Second Life software, and it takes a couple of minutes to download and a couple of minutes to install it.

At first, you may get a message about your graphics card not being compatible. Even with the latest graphics cards, I get the same message and can use it. *smiles*

I've also included some short educational videos at the beginning of the TCC 2009 Getting Started in Second Life Wiki that offer tips on how to use the technology. For those new to it, do not worry if you do not have time to view them. We will cover these concepts as we conduct our class sessions in SL.

See you in Second Life! *cheers*

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