Thursday, November 05, 2009

NMC Future Symposium video

The New Media Consortium's Symposium for the Future was a delighted experience and highlights from it are depicted in my Animoto video. During some sessions, I was so engrossed in the content that I forgot to snap a shot, so I recommend using the search tag #nmcfuture to view the rest of the sessions.

Monday, November 02, 2009

NMC Symposium for the Future

The amazing series of New Media Consortium (NMC) Symposium for the Future sessions and discussions demonstrated the creativity of the presenters and the NMC design team.

Hakone, the NMC Virtual Worlds Conference Server

It was held on the Hakone Server, a stand alone version of the Second Life virtual world server developed by Linden Lab. Many thanks to Beth Sachtjen and Chris Holden for their excellent virtual world designs!

Be sure to visit the NMC Symposium for the Future conference program for a list of the audio recordings, slides, PDFs and urls from each session. Click on the image to enlarge them.

NMC Symposium for the Future - Keynote Addresses

Featured to the left is Beth Kanter's inspiring session on The Networked Nonprofit. She dazzled the audience by arriving as a Jetson, flying inside a spaceship with her dog Astro nearby!

She built on the metaphor offered by Robert Frost's The Wall to show how walls that are intended to protect can also be barriers when it comes to the non-profit use of social media and social networks.

Larry Johnson, in his closing address, noted that her insights into the use of social media and social networks may "offer the greatest impact on solving the challenges of our time."

Gardner Campbell in his Two Painters, One Poet, and Some Sweet Soul Music keynote address took us on a journey through sight and sound, worthy of Rod Serling, and as we toured the twilight zone of the future, he reminded us of the cautions from the past.

One illustration included the M5, the Ultimate Computer from the Star Trek series. Far be it for me to let an opportunity pass to interact with some of my favorite Star Trek content! *chuckles*

The film clip from the Portrait of Jennie was especially moving, as I agree with Ethel Barrymore's character when she scans the artwork, noting that there was not an ounce of love anywhere in them.

The references to ethical and safety concerns as well as the passion that fires the creative genius is especially important as we gaze into the future.

NMC Symposium for the Future - Day One!

Bryan Alexander dazzled us with the responsibilities of futuring and highlighted the Horizon Report, a five-year look into the future published by the NMC in his Catching the Future Before it Catches You session.

Between sessions, Bryan Alexander and Peter Shoemaker discussed Peter's session near his image of an urban horizon that reminded us that we are Separate, Equal, Powerful.

National Geographic offered a visual feast in the form of our planet, with the speakers seated on a rotating platform.

Their moving presentation on Media for Inspiring People to Understand and Care about the Planet encouraged a love for life on earth and its sustainability. Many thanks to Ford Cochran and Anne Heywood at the National Geographic for drawing us into this wonder of life!

Stay tuned for more highlights from Day One as we tour the future, NMC style! @nmcfuture