Sunday, October 25, 2009

College Fair 2009 in Second Life

The College Fair 2009 in Second Life opened to a packed region of dedicated educators and enthusiasts.

I had a blast meeting educators new to Second Life and seeing some old friends at the Colorado Technical University exhibit booth.

On Sunday, I'm giving a presentation on Designing Games and Learning Activities at 6:15 AM Pacific time, which is also Second Life time.

And now, back to the news...

Saturday's sessions were lively as Claudia Linden opened with information about the educational opportunities, wikis, and resources available in Second Life.

In addition, she requested that educators send her updates each week of their activities in Second Life. This information will help her write additional case studies and to understand the state of virtual world education.

Her session was followed by Vic Michalak as he presented his research on Teaching International Courses in Second Life. He and Hopalong Oh, with his presentation entitled Why Second Life??? offered excellent information, tools and techniques.

Vic recommended the Universal Translator, which now supports 35+ languages, including Asian languages. Hopalong spoke about scavenger games and other stimulating activities in Second Life.

During the break before the Marcia Kloepper's Using Second Life for Agriculture, Animal and Poultry Science Instruction session, I toured the Front Range Community College's fantasy build. Their World of Warcraft image of an undead rogue wearing a pirate's hat in Booty Bay caught my attention. *grins*

I spent the next session listening to it from amid the flames from the Operation Afterlife (image on the left).

The evening ended with Krystine and Remington dropping by from a Caledon event. Krystine talked to Katie at CTU Online earlier in the day about Colorado Technical University's MBA program.

There are five speakers on Sunday with sessions running from 6:15 AM to 10:00 AM.

See you at the College Fair 2009 in Second Life!
Many thanks to our intrepid new Second Life students! Between the two classes, 20 students participated in our course discussion and Second Life skills activities on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

In CS 855 Futuring and Innovation, we continued our discussion of The Fortune Sellers book by William Sherdan. The discussion centered on the differences between futuring and innovation research programs and their funding in Japan and the United States.

We also discussed the student blog posts. When you introduce your blog in our Moodle discussions, please include the url for your blog post.

In CS 820, we focused our attention on building some Second Life camera skills and building a simple shape, stretching it, texturing it, copying it and linking it with a second object.

We will prototype the projects in Second Life and conduct usability tests near the end of the course.

Our class times are the same for next week. Check the Calendar on Moodle for the latest information! *waves*

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Second Life Classes

You are welcome to join us during our class sessions in Second Life. While they are optional, they enhance your learning experience and give you real-time access to ask questions and discuss the course concepts and your research.

Please scan these instructions before creating your account and you will find it easier to join us for classes in Second Life.

Creating Your Second Life Account
For tips on how to create your free account and join us for class in Second Life, Visit my TCC 2009 Getting Started in Second Life Wiki at:

Visit the NMC SL creation site (publishers of the Horizon Report) at: to create a new account.

Select a less common first name and choose a last name from the drop down list.

Don't remember your account information and can't get your old password for it? You can create a new free account for a different email address.

Accessing Second Life:
First you create an account, and then you download the SL software so you can access the 3D websites. You can log into to check your account and access their tutorials, but this does not give you access to the virtual world. *smiles* You need the Second Life software, and it takes a couple of minutes to download and a couple of minutes to install it.

At first, you may get a message about your graphics card not being compatible. Even with the latest graphics cards, I get the same message and can use it. *smiles*

I've also included some short educational videos at the beginning of the TCC 2009 Getting Started in Second Life Wiki that offer tips on how to use the technology. For those new to it, do not worry if you do not have time to view them. We will cover these concepts as we conduct our class sessions in SL.

See you in Second Life! *cheers*

Monday, October 12, 2009

Back to the Future

It is great to see you again during our Fall term at Colorado Technical University. Thank you for posting your research plans and accomplishments in your class introductions.

On Saturday, October 10th, I gave a workshop on Emerging Media as a Mind Amplifier at the Doctor of Management Symposium. I'll be holding an abbreviated version of it during the DCS Symposium this week. The photo shows William Kamkwamba demonstrating a windmill that he created out of a bicycle as noted in one of the Ted Talks videos.

During this Fall 09 term, I am teaching two of my favorite classes, CS 820 Usability and Interaction and CS 855 Futuring and Innovation.

CS 820 uses an empirical testing approach to identify how to understand and support people and their interaction with systems better.

CS 855 examines the future by reviewing past forecasts and predictions, examining think tank processes, and studying what scholars use today to strategize and impact the future.

I'll post notes on this blog for both classes and highlights from my research for you to enjoy.

Our Second Life sessions include 30 minutes of course content, 20 minutes of Second Life skills and 10 minutes for research discussions and tips. If you wish to meet after our sessions, let me know.

And now, back to the future! *cheers*

Friday, October 09, 2009

How Music Changes a Video

Here is a version set to contemporary music of our Constitution Day and Colorado Technical University Class of 2009's Graduation Party footage, held in Second Life. Many thanks to our guests from the DM and DCS degree programs for playing the trivia game and helping us celebrate!

The slogan for the day, featured on one student's shirt, reads:

Come to the Dark Side
We have cookies!

Congratulations to our graduates! *cheers*