Saturday, July 14, 2012

2012 Relay Music and Entertainment Schedule

2012 RFL Telethon Studio - Live Telethon Coverage

Country Live Music Stage/Hosting

1PM    DJ Lynn Cuttita/ Host Kathrine Starfall
2PM    Gary Moore Tribute Show/ Host Amanda Darbyshire
3PM    DJ Rosa Alekseev
4PM    DJ Mila Avedon
5PM    DJ Nardo Andrew/ Host Missy Taffeta
6PM    DJ Kylani Zerbino/ Host Jasmine Loening
7PM    Satin Galli & Erin68 Frog
8PM    RB Hamelin
10PM  Live Country Musician
11PM  Live Country Musician
12AM  DJ Bryan Rickena/ Host Sierra Sugar
7AM   Live Country Musician/ Host Lady Chipmunk Foxtrot
8AM   Live Country Musician
9AM   Shaye Dezno/ Host: Amanda Darbyshire

DJ Music Stage/Hosting

1PM    ChangHigh Fireshow/ Host- Tuesday Memo
2PM    DJ Red Ryder/ HostTuesday Memo
3PM    DJ Suellen/ Host Dona Aquila
4PM    DJ Anakin Crystal/ Host Jessii warhol-Giano
5PM    DJ Dusk Griswold/ Host Vickie Maidstone
6PM    DJ Madonna Milena/ Host TxUptownGirl Beaumont
7PM    DJ Zander Greene/ Host Dani Durant
8PM    DJ Mordicai Fall/ Host Starlyn Harvy
10PM  DJ Joey Williamson/Host Lady Draegonne
11PM  DJ Dakota Christensen/ Host Phoenix Piek
12AM  DJ Zander Greene/Host Phoenix Piek
1AM    DJ Madonna Milena
2AM    DJ DarkSoulessAngel Xue/ Host Tuesday Memo
7AM   DJ Holocluck Henly/ Tee Auster
8AM   DJ Rinda DeCuir
9AM   DJ Mikael Foxtrot/ Host Tee Auster

Live Music Stage/Hosting

2PM    Harmonia Trefoil/ Host Dona Aquila
3PM    Lauren Ilo/ Host Butterfinger03
4PM    ScarlettLa Roux/ Host Butterfinger 03
5PM     ELiz Watanabe/Host: Skye Fireheart
6PM    Zak Claxton/ Host Zahara Faith
7PM    Sassy Nitely/ Host Zahara Faith
8PM    FrankLee Anatra/ Host Edith Halderman
10PM  FreeStar Tammas
11PM  Teresa Nightfire
12AM  Live Musician/Host Butterfingers03
7AM   Grace Mcdunnough/ Host Sunshine Zhangsun
8AM   TwinGhost Ronas/ Host Jeannie Dreamer
9AM   Lyrica Acoustic/ Host Jeannie Dreamer

T1 Radio

9AM   Nuala/Trader
10AM Trader
11AM Nuala
12AM Nuala
1PM    Nuala/Trader
2PM    Nuala/Trader
3PM    Nuala/Trader
4PM    Dee Wolfe
5PM    Dee Wolfe Portia Lytton
6PM    Portia Lytton
7PM    Fizban Underwood
8PM    Fizban Underwood - Trader
9PM    Trader
10PM  Fuzzball Ortega
11PM  Fuzzball - Vic Mornington
12AM  Vic Mornington
1AM    Splash Kidd ?
2AM   4 Musketeers
3AM   Nightwalker Galaxy
4AM   Mady Majestic
5AM   Mady Majestic - Trader
6AM   Trader
7AM   Suzetta Moonites
8AM   Suzetta Moonites - Trader
9AM   Trader
10AM Trader
11AM Trader
12:30PM Trader Nuala All DJS

Themed Laps
Welcome Center

1PM    Teams Lap
2PM    Silly Hats/Big Hair
3PM    Animal Kingdom
4PM    The First Timer Lap
5PM     Cruisin' Western Style
6PM    Blast from the Past
7PM    Musicians For Relay
8PM    Favorite HOliday
10PM  Fancy Footwear
11PM   Fantasy Hour
12AM  Midnight Masquerade
1AM    The Power of Purple
2AM    Monster Mash
3AM    Super Heroes!
4AM   Sports Mania
5AM   Up All Night
7AM   International Lap
8AM   Caring & Curing
9AM   Formal Hour
10AM Closing Ceremonies
11AM Victory Lap

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Relay Event Day Getting Started Guide

During the Relay, we walk the track to honor those who have lost the fight, to celebrate with our survivors and to applaud the caregivers and heroes who work tirelessly to make a difference. Until there is a cure, we will continue to fight!

Relay Activities

When not on the track, come enjoy the exciting Relay festivities in Second Life. They feature three Music Stages, a Scavenger Hunt, Team Parties, the Teams R Us Flea Market, the Snail Races, an Art Show and Silent Auction, a Raffle, a Museum, a Breedables Auction, the Survivor/Caregiver Camp, water activities, team campsites and celebrated builds by some of SL's finest designers, the Committee Camp, the RFL Telethon and the T1Radio stream.

Getting Started - Visit the Welcome Center

Relay begins with the Opening Ceremonies at 10 AM SLT and the inspirational Survivor/Caregiver Honor Walk at 11 AM.  Tune into T1Radio's stream at or listen to the audio in Second Life for festive music, inspirational testimonials and the Relay news.

Welcome Center for Relay 2012, photo by Lyr Lobo

To help you navigate during Relay, use either the landmarks in the information notecard available at the Welcome Center or use the following locations and the list of themed laps. 

Track Tools, photo by Lyr Lobo
Upon arrival, visit the Welcome Center and click the signs for guides to the Relay.

Click the Track Tools sign to get a copy of the Pedometer and the Walk and Talk objects. Wear the Pedometer to measure your progress around the track and wear the Walk and Talk to socialize while automatically walking around the track.  

Locations to Visit - Using SLurls**

**To use a SLurl in Viewer 3, click it and select teleport. For older viewers, copy and add it to the SL chat log, and then click it to load the location onto your SL map. 

The Welcome Center is at

Click the Luminaria sign at the Welcome Center for a reference to the colors of the Luminari. Light one in remembrance and receive a keepsake luminary!  (use the others first)

Walking or cheering from the campsites along the Relay track is an amazing feeling as the sights and sounds that flood our senses remind us that we are not alone. We stand strong together with each step that we take, and when not on the track, we will cheer, dance and support the fight against cancer from one of the beautifully designed campsites along the route.

At the Relay For Life of Second Life, there is something for everyone!

Themed Laps

Visit the Welcome Center and click the Themed Laps sign for this list and to get a copy of Charlene Trudeau's notecard called 2012 TFAC Themed Laps. 

Walking the Relay, photo by Lyr Lobo

Tip: The Teleport Here sign at the Welcome Center sends you to a random location. Use the Groups & Friends Teleporting Together sign when walking the track with friends.

11am - 12:30pm: CELEBRATE - Survivor/Caregiver Honor Walk 
12:30 - 2pm:  Team Spirit Lap - Teams R Us! 
2 - 3pm:  Silly Hats/Big Hair
3 - 4pm:  The First Timer Lap
4 - 5pm:  Animal Kingdom! 
5-6pm:  Cruisin' Western Style
6-7pm:  Blast from the Past
7-8pm:  Musicians For Relay
8-9pm:   Favorite Holiday
9-10pm:  REMEMBER - Luminaria Ceremony
10-11pm:  Fancy Footwear
11-Midnight:  Fantasy Hour
Midnight-1am:  Midnight Masquerade
1-2am:  The Power of Purple
2-3am:  Monster Mash
3-4am:  Super Heroes!
4-5am:  Sports Mania
5-6am:   Up All Night
6-7am:  FIGHT BACK
7-8am:   International Lap
8-9am:  Caring & Curing
9-10am:  Formal Hour
11am - NOON:  Victory Lap!

Join us as we celebrate life and take a stand against cancer. With one voice, we will shout that it is indeed Time For A Cure!

Lyr Lobo
Public Relations and Media Relations Area Chair

Get Ready to Relay!

Saturday, July 14th is the day when Relay enthusiasts hit the track for the Relay For Life of Second Life! Are you ready to Relay?

The Opening Ceremony for this year's Relay begins at 10 AM SLT on Saturday, July 14 and features 24 hours of themed laps and festivities! As we prepare for the big day, we want to give thanks to each of you for the last four months of hard work and for making the dream that is the Relay For Life of Second Life come alive. 

Touched by Angels - photograph by Lyr Lobo
 Many thanks to Linden Lab for their support and commitment to the Relay For Life of Second Life, and to the American Cancer Society (ACS) and our ACS Staff Partner, Stingray9798 Raymaker, for without their support, our successes would not be possible. 

We applaud the efforts of our leadership and thank MamaP Beerbaum for inspiring and guiding this monumental effort, and to Dwen Dooley for his Website wizardry and commitment to excellence, to Nikki Mathieson and her team for making the Relay come to life, and to the Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs for their dedication, hard work and profound good humor, to our Sponsors for believing in and supporting the Relay, to our Telethon media partners, to Trader1 Whiplash and T1Radio and to the designers of the beautiful, thought-provoking and imaginative campsites as well as the Team Captains, the Teams and the volunteers who embody the heart and soul of the Relay For Life of Second Life.

Stingray9798 Raymaker praised the Relay For Life of Second Life and said, "I am just as excited for this year's Relay For Life of Second Life as I ever have been.  Over the last few weeks, the momentum has been building to what will be an amazing crescendo and finale to an amazing fundraising season." 

He added, "I have been bragging about you all to my fellow American Cancer Society colleagues for the last several weeks, and will continue to sing your praises as long as people will listen to me!  Now - let's go have a Relay!!"

Lyr Lobo
Public Relations and Media Relations Area Chair
Relay For Life of Second Life