Friday, October 18, 2013

From Mars to Margaritaville_an EM 825 Summer 2013 Intergalactic Tour

It is with great delight that I showcase the accomplishments of my Emerging Media 825 Strategic Use of Virtual Worlds class.  Most of them began the term new to virtual world design and came from diverse backgrounds, yet rose to the challenge admirably!
EM 825 Summer 2013

Our visual tour begins with the Psych project team with its Cultural Center and Tzion, a place of comfort to victims of human trafficking. The Info Center blended a Welcome Center, wonderful Physics experiments, including an astronaut who stands between Earth, the Moon and Mars holding a hammer and a feather, a Virtual World Orientation Center, an Immersive Aquarium and Blue Visions, a sensory experience.

Margaritaville featured the Save the Manateee Project, complete with the Tiki Fun Hut, the Surf Shop, The Museum, the Underswater evolution from the Frill to the Manatee, and the Pirate Cove.

From there, we visit Virtual Golf and the Castle Pro Shop, that depict memorable golf moments that embody Csikszentmihalyi's mental states of Flow and Celia Pearce's notions of emergence in these learning spaces.

The Mad Scientists project took us on a tour of the Martian World's Faire, and the wealth of interactive content dazzles the mind.  From Buckydomes and intergalactic communication devices to Human Cell Avatar measurement instrumentation, there is something for everyone!

The Virtual Tour of the Mall blends with DC's famous structures and the Hall of Presidents to a quirky Presidential trivia game and a Dragon tour guide.

I am very proud of my students and thank them for working hard to provide a memorable close to our Emerging Media 825 excursions in Second Life. I will miss you!

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