Sunday, October 20, 2013

Creating Content for use on a Virtual World Simulation Rezzer

Greetings! In Fall 2013, I taught a Virtual World Simulation class and asked my students to create full permission content for hosting it on our class rezzer.

Here's an 11 minute video where I introduce how to use Spinoza Quinnell's red ball concept and add a ball to our Simulation Rezzer.

After uploading the video, I noticed that the first caption is one that I deleted, but it naturally moved to the beginning of the video. Such moments keep me humble. *smiles* 

For now, I feel happy to have completed the recording and added captions, compressed and uploaded this video quickly. When time permits, I'll fix it.

Adding content to a simulation rezzer with Lyr Lobo.


Unknown said...

Hello Dr. Lyr Lobo :)

Thank You for information, very helpful indeed!


Lyr Lobo said...

Thanks, Thanosone@ *smiles* I was chagrined to see that my deleted caption made it to the front of the video, but it was my first production using this version of the tool. *laughs* C'est la vie!