Sunday, October 20, 2013

Creating Content for use on a Virtual World Simulation Rezzer

Greetings! In Fall 2013, I taught a Virtual World Simulation class and asked my students to create full permission content for hosting it on our class rezzer.

Here's an 11 minute video where I introduce how to use Spinoza Quinnell's red ball concept and add a ball to our Simulation Rezzer.

After uploading the video, I noticed that the first caption is one that I deleted, but it naturally moved to the beginning of the video. Such moments keep me humble. *smiles* 

For now, I feel happy to have completed the recording and added captions, compressed and uploaded this video quickly. When time permits, I'll fix it.

Adding content to a simulation rezzer with Lyr Lobo.

Friday, October 18, 2013

From Mars to Margaritaville_an EM 825 Summer 2013 Intergalactic Tour

It is with great delight that I showcase the accomplishments of my Emerging Media 825 Strategic Use of Virtual Worlds class.  Most of them began the term new to virtual world design and came from diverse backgrounds, yet rose to the challenge admirably!
EM 825 Summer 2013

Our visual tour begins with the Psych project team with its Cultural Center and Tzion, a place of comfort to victims of human trafficking. The Info Center blended a Welcome Center, wonderful Physics experiments, including an astronaut who stands between Earth, the Moon and Mars holding a hammer and a feather, a Virtual World Orientation Center, an Immersive Aquarium and Blue Visions, a sensory experience.

Margaritaville featured the Save the Manateee Project, complete with the Tiki Fun Hut, the Surf Shop, The Museum, the Underswater evolution from the Frill to the Manatee, and the Pirate Cove.

From there, we visit Virtual Golf and the Castle Pro Shop, that depict memorable golf moments that embody Csikszentmihalyi's mental states of Flow and Celia Pearce's notions of emergence in these learning spaces.

The Mad Scientists project took us on a tour of the Martian World's Faire, and the wealth of interactive content dazzles the mind.  From Buckydomes and intergalactic communication devices to Human Cell Avatar measurement instrumentation, there is something for everyone!

The Virtual Tour of the Mall blends with DC's famous structures and the Hall of Presidents to a quirky Presidential trivia game and a Dragon tour guide.

I am very proud of my students and thank them for working hard to provide a memorable close to our Emerging Media 825 excursions in Second Life. I will miss you!

For invites to doctoral defenses in 2013, please write me at

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Music Videos and Snazzy Visuals

Created with Imagechef
Don't believe everything you read. While it is the season for haunted houses and ghouls, I created a few signs to celebrate Fall and have posted the first in a series of class videos from Summer term in Second Life. 

Today, I'm hosting a session on how to create music videos and snazzy visuals using some of my favorite tools. 

Animoto creates music videos fast and allows you to copy and edit your work quickly and easily. Best of all, it is easy to share, embed or post.

 Here is a sample video that I made from the EM 825 Margaritaville: Save the Manatee class project.

Imagechef has a variety of fun tools, including Word Mosaics and humorous signs.  I'll post a few of my favorites here.

Click on a category and add your information to create a custom sign. For the Word Mosaics, select your color, shape, font and text.

For a larger font, separate your text with spaces instead of putting words on separate lines. Include a blank space at the end of a line for a better layout. 

 Imagechef is free, but if you want to use your signs for use in presentations or public displays, there is a nominal annual fee that is worth it for those who need custom images that convey a strong message. 

Created with Imagechef

You can, however, inspire your friends or frustrate unwanted guests with signs, such as this one. 

In addition to Word Mosaics, another alternative is Wordle.  In the Wordle below,  the word Games is listed twice and as a result, is larger than the rest of the words. If your goal is to convey a message based on the relative importance based on the frequency of use for certain words, use Wordle. 

Created with Imagechef
Lastly, we have a new puppy and while we named him Edgar Allen Poe (Poe for short), he shares something in common with this little fella. 

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Smoke and Mirrors The Magic of Emerging Media

The Association for Information Technology Professionals (AITP) invited me to speak on a variety of topics related to Emerging Media and reversible business models at INTERFACE Denver 2012. Highlights from the talk are depicted in my presentation on Slideshare.

To complement the topics that were showcased during this one-day conference, the session blended social media, social networks, reversible business models and the impact of IT, augmented reality, QR codes, creating streaming video, using hash tags in Twitter, mobile apps and easy app generation tools, designing simulations in virtual worlds, games, and game-based cultures in the workplace.

Many thanks to Randy Storm and Kathryn Schnepple for the invitation! *cheers*

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Doctor of Computer Science Fall 2012 Innovations

During the Fall 2012 Workshop at Colorado Technical University's Doctor of Computer Science Symposium, our research students contributed their innovation ideas to a time capsule that they called their Brain Map.

In it, they worked in small groups to identify innovation areas for future research after watching several inspirational videos, including Corning's A Day Made of Glass 2: Unpacked and discussed their call to action for further research and development.  

Based on their recommendations for future research, we ended the session with a review of Microsoft's vision of the future, as featured in a video called Microsoft at 2020.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CTU Summer 2012 Celebration

Students from CS 855 and EM 825 joined graduates from prior classes and members of our learning community in a celebration at the end of Summer 2012 term.

Click here to view Lyr Lobo's Celebration Summer 2012 video on Animoto.

In Second Life, DJ Astoria Luminos hosted the music stream of hits from the 70s and 80s as we distributed gifts and discussed our plans after the term ends.

If you missed out on the treats and would like a copy, please contact Lyr Lobo in Second Life.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Highlights from 33 Classes with Lyr Lobo in an Animoto Video

To celebrate our Second Life classes from 2006-2012, here is an Animoto video with highlights from 33 classes. More detailed videos are offered in the Blog archives.

Today, Colorado Technical University hosts 4-7 classes per term in Second Life. Animoto creates free 30-second videos from your images and turns them into a music video. The music in this video is Winds of Change by Jap Jap and available in Animoto's royalty free music collection.